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Cruise Control is a product name for a series of pre-rolled joints manufactured by our friends at Green Front Dispensary in Portland.

Cruise control for cars is a product that no one has any negative feelings about, and it starts with two great words: you’re cruising and you’re in control. Those words also apply to these pre-rolls. You smoke them and you’re cruising: you’re high. But, you’re also more in control than with other ways of consuming marijuana. They’ll always have the same amount of weed in each joint, and you can read the specs to find out exactly how much THC and CBD is present. They’re also under control in that they’re tidy and easy – you don’t have to do any work, buy any special paraphernalia or make a mess to enjoy them.

In a larger sense, smoking these pre-rolls can be a cruise control for your life. Just as cruise control can take a boring stretch of highway and make it less of a pain, smoking one of these pre-rolled joints can improve any situation – you can let the joint take control. Also, like with cruise control, on marijuana you can take back control from the drug if you need it – you’re usually not completely unable to function. The general sense of being on cruise control works too – it’s easy, carefree, no thought required.

Image of Cruise Control preroll joints. Cruise Control is a business name created by Cloudburst Names
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