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Coming up with the right name for a business or product is an involved process, with three major steps: listening, exploring, and researching.

First, we listen (well, usually we read an email or web form, but we’re always happy to take a call). You know your business or your product better than we ever can, so you need to tell us everything you know about it and your competitors. Who you are, what you do, where you do it, etc. Most importantly, you need to tell us what sets you apart and makes you special, and the feeling you want your product or business name to evoke.

Then, we explore. This involves brainstorming, free-association, flipping through thesauri, writing things down, playing with, breaking and twisting words, dabbling in other languages and immersing ourselves in your project to the point that names come in our dreams (really).

Finally, we research the best of the names we came up with, to ensure they’re good enough to present. This involves diving deeply into potential negative and positive connotations, doing some basic copyright investigation, and checking to see if a suitable URL is available.

After all that, we present the best names to you, and you have a chance to review them, give us feedback, and request revised or additional names.

This process takes some time. Other naming firms get say they can get you names within 24 or 48 hours, but do you really want the name of your business to be thrown together that fast? We do know you can’t wait forever, however, so promise your first round of names within two weeks of starting the project. That’s enough time for those dreams to start coming.


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Scribbles that look like business name possibilities
Our handwriting is slightly better than this when we write down name possibilities
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