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What Isn’t in a Name?

A name is a customer or client’s first point of contact with your business, brand, product or service, and all its associations will be in their mind every time they think of you. It’s the start of everything – your business’s personality, your logo and your URL all follow from the name. A great product or business name is your initial key to success.

Coming up with a name is easy, but coming up with the perfect name is hard. The world is filled with mediocre names, but if you can come up with the right name for your business or product, more power to you. If you’re not sure, reach out to us. We use research, creativity, exploration, practice and the occasional burst of insight to come up with the best names. It’s what we do.

How much is that worth? Think of what you’re selling – how many of those will you have to sell to get $1,000 in profit, the cost of our naming service (currently only $500 with our Winter Rain sale!)? Do you believe a great name can help you sell that many of whatever it is you sell? Think how much their names have helped companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Nike, or somewhat newer companies like TikTok, Instacart or SeatGeek. Those names are all worth millions now. If you think the right business name or product name could help you make just a thousand, get in touch.

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Some of Our Product & Business Naming Work

Recent Business Names

  • Smokey Acres Farm (Cannabis Farm)
  • Luminary Signs (Neon and Conventional Sign Company)
  • Whoosh Cannabis Distribution (Cannabis Wholesale and Distribution Company)
  • Eyrie Tiny Homes (Tiny Home Manufacturer)

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